Lava Gro 15 pc Display
Product Number: 8006PKDR

Lava Gro Anti-Breakage Cream 4 oz.
Product Number: CS8005dr
"Best of all, the excellent moisturizing properties diminish further breakage, splitting of hairs and shedding for a more manageable hair style with amazing shine."

Lava Gro Hair Growth Serum 2 oz.
Product Number: CS8004dr
"Instantly penetrates hair shaft and hair follicle to help promote healthy, strong growing hair."

Lava Gro Hair Rebuilder 6 oz.
Product Number: CS8001dr
"Bio-active proteins, anti-oxidant vitamins with natural extracts of papaya and Guava create volume, enhancing body and shine."

Lava Gro High Shine Polisher 4 oz.
Product Number: CS8003dr

Lava Gro Volumizing Shampoo 8.5 oz.
Product Number: CS8002dr
"Lava Gro hair Rebuilder infuses hair with mineral complexes from volcanic residue, blended with beneficial oils to help balance moisture, strengthen and add dimension to hair"